Innumerable times, as students, we are challenged by different people in our lives to be ‘outside the box’ thinkers. In our current so-competitive world, thinking outside the box is a very effective way of sieving chaff from the grain. Gone are the days when we had the luxury of ordinary. The society looking for the extra plus the ordinary. It is all about the extraordinary. Do you have the extra? Are your actions starving or giving you the extra?
In the June-July 6th Edition of this publication, we have real-life scenarios of going beyond the box. We come across students or groups of students who are testimonials of that very mantra. This is evidenced through them embracing their talents in various facets of life ranging from entrepreneurship, academics to various forms of art. This way, they are effectively adding the extra to their lives. We also celebrate the ‘beyond the box’ boxing legend Muhamad Ali. There is just so much to be learnt about him and from him.
Besides, with sublime pleasure, we bring to you reliable and relevant news updates and narrate to you expertly the juicy intrigues that surround campus life.
From this edition, you will be entertained. Educated. Informed. But most importantly, challenged. Challenged to be better. To be a ‘beyond the box’ student and citizen.
Enjoy your read.
Okova Denis.
Editor-In-Chief, The Campanile Magazine & 5th Year Student of Pharmacy

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